Aviator Game Zodiac Luck Review

Aviator is a casino game produced by Spribe Studios. The purpose of this game is to escape the plane and gain a multiplier for your bet before the plane crashes.

Aviator Casino Game Astrological Analysis

Can the alignment of stars and planets impact the outcomes in this thrilling game of chance? Today, we explore the astrological aspects associated with the colors, numbers, and symbols of Aviator. What cosmic energies may influence your luck and strategy in the pursuit of riches?

To analyze the Aviator casino game, let’s compile a list of symbols that can hold any astrological meaning:


  • Red
  • Green
  • Purple


  • RTP: 97%
  • Release year: 2019


  • Plane
  • Propeller

The Aviator game introduces a palette of vibrant colors: Red, Green, and Purple, each carrying distinct astrological significance. Red sparks courage and energy, Green fosters balance and prosperity, while Purple awakens intuition and creativity.

Numerology intertwines with the game’s fate, as the impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97% aligns with the harmonious vibrations of 9 and 7. This promises players a fulfilling experience, marked by completion, wisdom, and spiritual insight.

Adding a numerological layer to the cosmic dance is the release year, 2019. Each digit contributes to the game’s aura, offering harmony (2), infinite potential (0), new beginnings (1), and completion (9). Aviator, born in this transformative year, beckons players to embrace transformative experiences and assert their individuality.

We can also calculate a simple number for the Aviator game.

  • For that, we need to sum up all the numbers first: 9 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 28.
  • Now we sum up each digit in the number 28: 2 + 8 = 10.
  • After doing the same procedure for the last time, 1 + 0 = 1.

We find out that the main number for the Aviator game is 1.

Symbols take flight in Aviator, with planes embodying the dynamic energy of Mercury, urging quick thinking and adaptability.

Propellers, tethered to Saturn’s discipline, encourage a methodical approach to gameplay, fostering stability and progress.

Aviator emerges as a harmonious convergence of colors, numbers, and symbols, guiding players through a cosmic adventure. As the stars align, may the energies of courage, prosperity, intuition, and discipline converge, propelling players to new heights of luck and fortune within the enchanting skies of Aviator.

Zodiac luck review for the Aviator casino game

Zodiac luck review for the Aviator casino game

Now, let’s delve deeper and analyze the luck potential of the Aviator game for each zodiac sign. We will examine the game’s colors, the main symbols, and the simple number 1 we previously obtained.

♈ Aries

Colors: Aries is linked to the color red, representing passion and energy. The vibrant red in Aviator may resonate well with Aries, infusing players with a bold and adventurous spirit, encouraging them to take risks and face challenges confidently.

Numbers: The number 1 resonates with Aries’ natural leadership qualities. For Aries, it signifies the opportunity to take charge and initiate new strategies in the Aviator game. Aries may find success by being assertive and boldly navigating the gameplay.

Symbols: Aries, ruled by Mars, the planet of action, may find resonance with the plane symbol. The swift movement and adventure associated with planes mirror the impulsive and energetic nature of Aries, adding an exciting dynamic to their gaming experience.

♉ Taurus

Colors: Taurus is linked to green, representing growth and prosperity. The presence of green in Aviator may appeal to Taurus, creating a soothing and harmonious atmosphere. The color fosters a sense of stability and balance, aligning with Taurus’ preference for security.

Numbers: Taurus, with its determined nature, can interpret the number 1 as a call to focus on personal goals. In the Aviator game, Taurus may benefit from a steady and patient approach, using their persistence to navigate challenges.

Symbols: Taurus’ disciplined and methodical nature may appreciate the propeller symbol’s suggestion of progress and stability. The steady rotation of the propeller aligns with Taurus’ desire for a reliable and secure approach to gameplay.

♊ Gemini

Colors: Gemini’s curious and creative nature may be drawn to the mystical energy of purple in Aviator. This color stimulates intuition and creativity, providing Gemini players with a dynamic and mentally engaging atmosphere.

Numbers: The number 1 aligns with Gemini’s adaptable and communicative nature. In the Aviator game, Gemini may find success through intellectual agility, quick thinking, and effective communication with fellow players.

Symbols: Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, may find the plane symbol exciting. The swift movement and adaptability of planes mirror Gemini’s quick-witted and versatile approach, making the game mentally stimulating.

♋ Cancer

Colors: Cancer, drawn to the nurturing and soothing energies, may find comfort in the green hues of Aviator. The color fosters a sense of emotional balance, aligning with Cancer’s appreciation for security and well-being.

Numbers: For Cancer, the number 1 suggests taking the lead in nurturing strategies. In the Aviator game, Cancer may excel by emphasizing emotional intelligence and protective instincts, fostering a harmonious gameplay environment.

Symbols: Cancer, guided by the Moon, may appreciate the plane symbol’s connection to adventure and emotional exploration. The game’s dynamic atmosphere can resonate with Cancer’s desire for imaginative and emotionally rich experiences.

♌ Leo

Colors: The bold and vibrant red in Aviator resonates with Leo’s confident and energetic nature. The color ignites a sense of passion and courage, aligning with Leo’s desire for excitement and flair.

Numbers: Leo, being a natural leader, can embrace the number 1 as an affirmation of their ability to shine in the Aviator game. Success may come through expressing creativity, leading with confidence, and enjoying the spotlight.

Symbols: The propeller’s suggestion of progress and stability aligns with Leo’s goal-oriented approach. Leo players may appreciate the propeller as a symbol of moving forward with purpose and determination.

♍ Virgo

Colors: The green color fosters a sense of balance and harmony, aligning with Virgo’s appreciation for order and well-being.

Numbers: The number 1 encourages Virgo to take control of their gaming destiny with precision and analytical thinking. In the Aviator game, Virgo’s attention to detail and strategic planning may lead to favorable outcomes.

Symbols: Virgo, guided by Mercury, may appreciate the plane symbol’s connection to fast action. The game’s dynamic atmosphere can resonate with Virgo’s practical and versatile approach to challenges.

♎ Libra

Colors: Libra, drawn to harmony and balance, may find the green hues of Aviator appealing. The color fosters a sense of balance and prosperity, aligning with Libra’s appreciation for beauty and equilibrium.

Numbers: Libra, known for seeking balance, may find success in the Aviator game by asserting their individuality. The number 1 suggests a focus on personal goals and decisions, maintaining harmony within the gameplay.

Symbols: Libra, ruled by Venus, may find the plane symbol intriguing with its connection to adventure and exploration. The game can resonate with Libra’s love for aesthetically pleasing and engaging experiences.

♏ Scorpio

Colors: Scorpio, drawn to the mysterious and transformative, may be intrigued by the purple hues of Aviator. The color fosters intuition and creativity, aligning with Scorpio’s depth and desire for profound experiences.

Numbers: Scorpio’s transformative energy aligns with the number 1, signaling a period of regeneration in the Aviator game. Success may come through embracing change, making strategic decisions, and tapping into personal power.

Symbols: Scorpio, known for its passion, may resonate with the adventurous and bold nature of the plane symbol. The movement of planes aligns with Scorpio’s desire for intensity and excitement.

♐ Sagittarius

Colors: Sagittarius, drawn to energy and enthusiasm, may resonate with the bold red tones of Aviator. The color fosters courage and excitement, aligning with Sagittarius’ adventurous and optimistic spirit.

Numbers: Sagittarius, with a love for exploration, can interpret the number 1 as a call to embark on new gaming adventures. In the Aviator game, Sagittarius may find luck by expressing their individuality and embracing new challenges.

Symbols: Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, may find the plane symbol exciting and in line with its love for exploration. The plane symbol aligns with Sagittarius’ desire for adventure and the pursuit of new horizons.

♑ Capricorn

Colors: Capricorn, appreciating stability and practicality, may find comfort in the green hues of Aviator. The color fosters a sense of balance and prosperity, aligning with Capricorn’s disciplined and grounded nature.

Numbers: The number 1 aligns with Capricorn’s ambitious nature. In the Aviator game, Capricorn may find success through disciplined gameplay, setting and achieving personal goals, and climbing steadily toward victory.

Symbols: Capricorn, guided by Saturn, may resonate with the disciplined nature of the plane symbol. It aligns with Capricorn’s desire for controlled and purposeful progress.

♒ Aquarius

Colors: Aquarius, drawn to the unconventional and visionary, will find their luck with the purple color of Aviator. This color aligns with Aquarius’ innovative and forward-thinking spirit.

Numbers: Aquarius, known for innovative thinking, can embrace the number 1 as an opportunity for progressive gameplay. Success in the Aviator game may come through original strategies, unique approaches, and a focus on individuality.

Symbols: Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, may appreciate the plane symbol’s connection to swift movement. The dynamic atmosphere can resonate with Aquarius’ desire for progressive and unconventional experiences.

♓ Pisces

Colors: Pisces, drawn to the mystical and imaginative, may find inspiration in the purple hues of Aviator. The color fosters intuition and creativity, aligning with Pisces’ dreamy and artistic nature.

Numbers: Pisces can interpret the number 1 as an affirmation of their spiritual and intuitive nature. In the Aviator game, Pisces may find success by trusting their instincts, navigating the game with creativity, and embracing a sense of individual luck.

Symbols: Pisces, guided by Neptune, may resonate with the plane symbol that aligns with Pisces’ desire for imaginative and emotionally rich experiences.

Aviator game tarot reading for luck

Let’s ask the tarot cards how lucky is the Aviator game.

Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is known for its sharp mind and analytical nature. If you approach luck from an intellectual perspective, this card might signify that paying attention to details, staying mentally alert, and being quick-witted could bring fortunate outcomes.

Seven of Pentacles

The Seven of Pentacles suggests that luck is intertwined with patience and hard work. It indicates that your efforts will bear fruit over time. This card encourages you to stay focused on your goals, put in the necessary work, and be patient as you await the results.

The Sun

The Sun card radiates positivity and good fortune. In terms of luck, this card suggests that you are in a period of abundance, joy, and overall positive energy. Good things are shining upon you.

The combined influence of these cards suggests that your strategic and patient approach to the game (Seven of Pentacles) is complemented by an intellectually engaging and adaptable mindset (Page of Swords). The overall energy is highly positive and fortunate (The Sun).

In terms of luck in the Aviator game, this combination indicates that your thoughtful gameplay, adaptability to the dynamics of the game, and positive attitude are likely to lead to successful outcomes. It’s a time to enjoy the gaming experience and anticipate favorable results.

Astrology tips to win more in the Aviator casino game

Astrology tips to win more in the Aviator casino game

Flight visualization

Before starting your gaming session, close your eyes and imagine yourself boarding a plane for an exciting journey. Visualize a smooth takeoff, a journey filled with success, and a safe landing. This can set a positive tone for your gaming experience.

Airplane soundtrack

Create a playlist of songs related to flying or airplanes. Play this music in the background during your gaming session to immerse yourself in the aviation theme and create a lively atmosphere.

Plane and propeller

If you have a personal connection to air travel or if your astrological chart emphasizes air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), you might resonate with the symbols of planes and propellers. Consider playing during times when these air signs are highlighted in your chart.

The best time to play the Aviator game

Given the color scheme of the Aviator game (Red, Green, and Purple), you might want to pay attention to astrological events associated with these colors.

Red: This color is often associated with the planet Mars. You might consider playing during times when Mars is prominent in the night sky or during Mars-related astrological events.

Green: Green is associated with the planet Venus. Consider playing when Venus is visible in the evening sky or during favorable Venus transits.

Purple: Purple is often associated with the planets Jupiter and Neptune. Pay attention to Jupiter and Neptune-related events or transits if you choose to play when the game features a lot of purple.

Rituals to boost luck in Aviator

While luck is subjective and not guaranteed by any specific rituals, incorporating airplane-themed rituals into your gaming routine can add a fun and personal touch. Here are some creative ideas inspired by the aviation theme of the Aviator casino game:

Paper airplane ritual

Fold a paper airplane and write positive affirmations or intentions related to luck on it. Before each gaming session, throw the paper airplane as a symbol of sending positive energy and luck into the virtual skies.

Landing ritual

Designate a specific action or gesture as your “landing ritual” after a successful gaming session. This could be a simple celebration or a symbolic gesture that signifies a safe and prosperous landing, mirroring a plane completing a successful journey.

Flight boarding announcement

Record a playful boarding announcement for your gaming sessions. Include positive affirmations, wishes for good luck, and an invitation to embark on a successful gaming adventure. Play this announcement before each session.

Airplane symbol meditation

Incorporate a short meditation focusing on the symbolism of airplanes. Imagine yourself surrounded by the energy of flight, embracing the adventurous and uplifting qualities associated with airplanes.

Destination goals

Set gaming goals as if they were destinations on a travel itinerary. Each goal can represent a milestone in your gaming journey. Visualize yourself reaching these destinations with success.

Lucky charms matching Aviator casino game

Lucky charms matching Aviator casino game

If you’re looking to incorporate lucky charms into your Aviator casino gaming experience, you can choose items that hold personal significance or are traditionally associated with luck.

While there’s no scientific basis for the effectiveness of lucky charms, some people find them entertaining and enjoy the positive mindset they can bring. Here are some lucky charms that might match the Aviator casino game theme.

Airplane pendant or keychain

Airplane pendant or keychain

A miniature airplane charm can symbolize the aviation theme of the game. It represents movement, adventure, and the dynamic nature of the Aviator game.

Propeller jewelry

Propeller jewelry

Consider wearing a piece of jewelry featuring a propeller design. This can be a nod to the propeller symbol in the game, symbolizing progress and stability.



Choose gemstones associated with luck and positive energy. For example, citrine is often associated with wealth and abundance, while aventurine is linked to luck and opportunity.

Colorful crystals

Colorful crystals

Select crystals in colors associated with luck or positive energy. For example, green crystals like jade or aventurine symbolize prosperity, while purple amethyst represents intuition.

Dice charm

Dice charm

Dice are often associated with casino games, including Aviator. A miniature dice charm can symbolize luck in games of chance.