Why Zeljko Ranogajec Is Lucky?

Zeljko Ranogajec is often called the ‘Joker’ in the world of gambling. Thanks to his gambling nature and numerous victories, he made a fortune of 600 million dollars. Lucky streak or just a coincidence? Let’s find out together.

Zeljko Ranogajec was born into a poor family of Croatian emigrants. He devoted most of his time to study. He was hard-working from adolescence, and it paid him off in the future. An ambitious young man managed to get a scholarship at the University of Tasmania where he studied banking and finance.

During his student days, Zeljko began to get involved in gambling. At the Wrest Point Hotel Casino, in Australia, he learns blackjack and the art of counting cards. In 1984, card counting was banned. By this point, Zeljko had already begun to excel at blackjack and tried to challenge the restriction until the very end.

The availability of start-up capital allowed him to start earning big money in horse racing betting. He was different from the rest of the racecourse regulars. The “Joker” had a unique strategy. Among the key points of the approach, Zeljko highlighted: the concentration of capital on coefficients with low margins and the conclusion of exclusive conditions with bookmakers.

Every year Zeljko made hundreds of bets, which allowed him to become a controversial figure. According to various sources, Joker stakes reached 6-8% of the annual income of Tapcorp, the largest national gambling operator. His Betfair wagers accounted for a third of all Australian transactions.

Horse racing is the main, but not the only source of income. Part of the fortune “Joker” earned in Keno. In 1994, he won a $7.5 million jackpot at the North Ryde RSL Club casino. According to rumors, the Zeljko syndicate was actively betting money on such lotteries.

In 18 months, a group of players won 40 out of 44 lotteries. When the jackpot reached a high value, an Australian bought up to 90% of lottery tickets. The total number of bets sometimes reached $3 billion a year.

Zeljko Ranogajec was lucky to be born in Australia, where winnings from bets aren’t taxed. With a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, the Joker owed nothing to the state.

But in 2008, the Australian Taxation Office couldn’t ignore the high roller’s financial situation and began a special audit. They tried to catch on to the illegal business, which was connected with rates under the direct control of Zeljko. After 4 years, the millionaire decided to make a deal. The Australian tax office turned a blind eye to the player’s activities from 2004 to 2011. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Fame clearly didn’t play into the hands of Zeljko. After some years he turned into a recluse. He doesn’t like to be photographed and sometimes uses the pseudonym – ‘John Wilson.’

Natal gambling chart of Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko’s birth chart shows that his Sun – is Gemini and his Ascendant – is Capricorn. These two signs show the main character traits of a millionaire very well. The air sign bores him with lightness and frivolity, so he has developed a good relationship with the gambling business.

But at the same time, the earth sign makes him rather secretive, serious and pragmatic. Such a combination of stars automatically provides Zeljko with an easy income, which he wisely disposes of. Money doesn’t come the hard way, and he knows how to invest and save it.

The main astrological planets in the natal chart of our hero are Mercury, the Sun and Uranus. The Sun’s conjunction with Mercury gives its owner a high chance of winning in any business. And the planet Uranus in his zodiac map is responsible for big and unexpected money, which regularly happened in his life, as we see from his biography.

Despite many strong planets that provide Zeljko with good luck and wealth, the planet Mars can create many legal problems for him. But with skillful handling of your skills and abilities, the worst scenario can always be avoided. The experience of our hero is nice proof you can change your destiny if you have collected all the necessary information about yourself.

Numerology gambling analysis of Zeljko Ranogajec

We can learn more about Zeljko’s abundant life by analyzing his numerological matrix.

He was born on 22.05.1961

How to count the matrix?


First number: add the date of birth, month and year 2+2+5+1+9+6+1 = 26.

Second number: add the digits of the first 2+6 = 8.

Third number: multiply the first digit from the total date of birth by 2.

‘2*2=4’. Subtract the resulting figure from the first number. 26 – 4 =22.

Fourth number: add the digits of the third number 2+2 = 4;

We got all the necessary numbers for putting them in a square.

Let’s highlight them again:

  • Main numbers: 22 5 1961
  • Additional numbers: 26 8 22 4

To fill in the matrix, we need to use each digit separately by relating them to certain sectors, using both: main and additional numbers. For example, the “Character” sector is responsible for “1”, “Health” is responsible for “4”, “Luck” is always “7”, “Energy” – is “2”, “Logic” – is “5”, “Sense of Duty” – is “8”, “Interest” – is “3”, “Work” – is “6” and “Memory” – is “9”. Each block can contain a different number of digits, but they will always be repeated, e.g “111”, “22”, “444”, “33”, “66”, “999”, and “88”.

The most important factors that ensure the influx of good luck, easy money, and victories for Zeljko– are the Energy, Work, and Interest sectors.

Sense of Duty

The sector “Energy” “22222” is the main and dominant in this matrix. This is a clear surplus, and only the owner of this ‘Universal gift’ should understand how to use it for his own good. This amount of energy provides a millionaire with strong intuition and the ability to predict future trends.

Such people always know in advance about the prospects of a particular project. This was the reason why Zeljko took up horse racing as a business. He intuitively knew that it was a place where success and big money awaited him.

No need to pay much attention to the empty “Luck” sector. In this case, it is skillfully compensated by the “Energy” and “Work” sectors. The last one with its ‘66’ provides its owner not only with popularity, but also with the talent of doing business related to entertainment and gambling.

Looking at the general combination of numbers in Zeljko’s matrix, it is clear that he has followed the right path in life and fully realized his potential. Even with the riskiest indicators he managed to smooth out and avoid the loss of status and money.

The sector “Labour” plays an important role in Jocker’s wealthy life. It shows us the attitude toward money. The combination of numbers in the middle column from sectors “Health”, “Logic” and “Work. Zeljko’s “Labour” sector has the number ‘4.’ The owners of this number have a natural flair and know ‘where and how’ to earn money to increase it.

This indicator can be equated with the innate ability to easily attract money. The risks of loss of capital and bankruptcy are immediately reduced to a minimum if you have a high figure in this sector.

An empty “Interest” sector in this matrix provides a person with composure and a realistic attitude to life. He is not an optimist, but rather has a lot of doubts and therefore is very cautious in terms of fast decisions and changes.

Matrix of Destiny analysis

Another analysis we can calculate with the help of the birth date – is the ‘Matrix of Destiny’. It has a special block that describes the money channel.

The money line of the Matrix of Destiny is responsible for material well-being. With its help, you will find areas where you can expect the most success. The path of money is well traced precisely according to the method of the Matrix of Destiny. It is only necessary to correctly decipher all the values.

The money channels in Matrix of Destiny will help you find out where your main income comes from and what qualities you need to develop to unlock your wealth potential.

Let’s have a look at Zeljko Ranogajec’s chart and reveal his secret of abundant life. The main numbers in his money channel are 6 – 9 – 21.

The number ‘6’ at the beginning of the money channel is called ‘The Lovers.’ This energy signifies an unconditional triumph, an all-encompassing happiness. It symbolizes a prosperous time.

The person will feel true happiness because all of his desires are fulfilled. This number is a favorable sign. It promises good luck and patronage of heaven. The owner will be able to find the truth, as well as take over in any situation.

The financial situation is also stable, so it’s easy to cover all primary needs. At the same time, the energy promises business success, many clients, and promising partners.

Therefore, the person will have a chance to earn good money. Life has prepared a lot of benefits, but you will have to be ready to accept them. The outcome of the whole business depends on today’s actions. Be consistent and grateful.

The number ‘9’ in the money channel is called ‘The Hermit.’ This energy represents stability, lack of risks and failures. It indicates the need for education, the acquisition of knowledge, and therefore large finances.

The importance of growing above yourself to increase your earnings and always succeed. This energy is played here as a huge motivation for constant movement forward. It often implies creative activity and the adventurous nature of the owner.

The number ‘21’ in the money channel is called ‘The World.’ As a significator of activity, this energy shows independent experts and entrepreneurs. These are people who manage their own time and finances wisely. They aren’t afraid to test the most non-standard ideas, to bring something new into this world.

The person manages to connect his work with what he really admires. The workplace for him is a field for the manifestation of his ego. The financial situation is always thriving.

Zeljko’s biography demonstrates to us that finding your lucky potential often takes time and courage. In any case, you can get the life of your dream and multiply your income.

Explore your strong sides with the help of astrology and numerology and start your gambling path of winning! Big victories are waiting for you! Don’t be afraid and take risks, the Universe’s support is on your side!