Why Richard Nixon Was Lucky?

In one poker session, Nixon could ‘rob’ his opponents of 5-6 thousand dollars, which by today’s standards is ten times more. Surprisingly, the 37th owner of the White House made his way into big politics thanks to the intellectual game.

Let’s see, how poker helped Richard Nixon to become the president.

Richard Nixon funded his congressional campaign with money he won playing poker. The future president of the United States had to master poker skills in the army during World War II. And in this case, Navy Lieutenant Nixon had significant success.

While playing the main game of American soldiers – 5-Card Stud, Richard Nixon was practically invincible. According to opponents of the future president, he played very tight but didn’t refuse to bluff.

Nixon was born in California. After becoming a lawyer, he returned to his native state in 1937 to practice law. In 1942, having received an offer to work for the federal government he moved to Washington with his wife. During World War II he served in the US Navy. After many years of trial in elections he finally won the presidential ones in 1968.

Nixon learned to play five-card stud thanks to his friend, naval officer James Stewart. After watching the game for several weeks, Nixon finally decided that he should give it a try and went to Stewart, the man who was the best poker player in his opinion.

James taught him a few iron rules:

  • ‘a tight play’ is the surest;
  • bluff only when you are sure you are right;
  • bet with strong hands;
  • fold when there is no chance.

The fact that Nixon was a Quaker played an important part as Quaker ideology categorically denies and prohibits all gambling activities. But Nixon, like many other politicians, was just as religious as he needed. A belief in some omnipotent deity couldn’t prevent him from doing something that helped to pass the time without boredom and at the same time to win some money.

Nixon was a really good poker player. He was a disciplined player with an incredible memory who could play tight and wasn’t afraid to crush his opponents when needed. Any game for Rischard was as easy as a pie.

During his first election in 1946, he invested $5,000 of his hefty prize money into action. And again, he spent the money not in vain – the elections ended successfully.

In 1962, he wrote the book – ‘Six Crises’ where he described how he usually coped with stressful situations when he was forced to bluff with absolutely worthless cards and big money at stake.

Natal gambling chart of Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon’s sign – is Capricorn and his Ascendant – is Virgo. This explains his stepwise and controlled approach to the game. He wasn’t the type of person to take risks to win or play for fun. He had a clear goal – to make money.

Nixon was well aware of his abilities and always left the game before the moment when he could lose. The combination of two earth signs usually speaks of stability and caution, rather than impulsive actions.

In Nixon’s zodiac chart, Uranus is a very strong planet. It is primarily responsible for worldwide fame and popularity, but also for the big luck, which helped the future president to achieve his goals. But not everything is so simple.

As we can see, the way to Nixon’s victory was quite long and went through many obstacles. This is the kind of fortune that first sends us challenges to ensure we deserve the Universe’s blessing.

Numerology gambling analysis of Richard Nixon

For a more detailed explanation, let’s analyze his numerological potential. Richard Nixon was born on 09.01.1913.

How to count the matrix?


First number: add the date of birth, month, and year 9+1+1+9+1+3 = 24.

Second number: add the digits of the first 2+4 = 6.

Third number: multiply the first digit from the total date of birth by 2.

‘9*2=18’. Subtract the resulting figure from the first number. 24-18 = 6.

Fourth number: add the digits of the third number. In this case, the number remains the same = 6;

We got all the necessary numbers for putting them in a square.

Let’s highlight them again:

  • Main numbers: 9 1 1913
  • Additional numbers: 24 6 6 6

The number of destiny in this numerological matrix will also play an important role. How to find this number? It is the sum of all the digits in his date of birth (1+5+1+9+6+2 = 24 | 2+4 = 6). In our case, this is 6.

To fill in the matrix, we need to use each digit separately by relating them to certain sectors, using main and additional numbers. For example, the “Character” sector is responsible for “1”, “Health” is responsible for “4”, “Luck” is always “7”, “Energy” – is “2”, “Logic” – is “5”, “Sense of Duty” – is “8”, “Interest” – is “3”, “Work” – is “6” and “Memory” – is “9”. Each block can contain a different number of digits, but they will constantly be repeated, e.g “111”, “22”, “444”, “33”, “66”, “999”, and “88”.

The most important factors that ensure the influx of good luck, easy money, and victories for Richard – are the Work, Labor, Memory, and Logic sectors.

Sense of Duty

It is worth starting with Nixon’s fickle personality. Sector “Character” with “111” means it is quite changeable. This greatly complicates the game for his opponents, since Nixon is difficult to read because he skillfully transforms and bluffs well.

The empty “Logic” sector provided Nixon with a sharp intuition and a gut instinct that enabled him to manage his talents effectively. He masterfully balances between a creative and logical approach to any business.

Simultaneously with this sector, the “Memory” block and its “99” is enough to build a winning strategy. Also, ‘99’ in Numerology Square shows the presence of strong memory which allows one to quickly reproduce the necessary information lost-free. It allows the person to handle any analytical activity easily.

Looking at Richard’s matrix, it’s hard not to notice the “Work” sector and “666” in it. There is nothing magical and superstitious about these figures at all. This sector is responsible for the potential for popularity and worldwide fame, which was implemented well by Nixon as we still explore his life path and career.

In addition, the “Work” sector is responsible for the prospect of successful circumstances in our lives. A large number of ‘666’ indicates strong luck and guarantees success, which we see as evidence in Nixon’s biography.

The hidden sector “Labour” shows us the attitude toward money. The combination of numbers in the middle column from sectors “Health”, “Logic” and “Work”. Richard’s “Labour” sector has the number ‘5’ which speaks of his high financial literacy, ability to invest, and natural knowledge of how to make money and increase any resources.

Matrix of Destiny analysis

Another analysis we can calculate with the help of the birth date – is the ‘Matrix of Destiny.’ It has a special block that describes the money channel.

The money line of the Matrix of Destiny is responsible for material well-being. With its help, you will find areas where you can expect the most success. The path of money is well traced precisely according to the method of the Matrix of Destiny. It is only necessary to correctly decipher all the values.

The money channels in Matrix of Destiny will help you find out where your main income comes from and what qualities you need to develop to unlock your wealth potential.

Let’s have a look at Richard Nixon’s chart and reveal his secret of abundant life. The main numbers in his money channel are 17 – 7 -8

Richard Nixon Matrix of Destiny analysis

The number ‘17’ at the beginning of the money channel is called ‘The Star.’ The financial situation with this energy can be unstable but satisfactory. The person has high hopes for the future and, therefore, doesn’t care much about the present day.

He is ready to spend the last money on the realization of his dream. The star is played here as a huge motivation for a constant movement forward. Often, the energy implies the adventurous nature of the person.

It always gives a positive outcome, and fulfills the dreams and desires of people, materializing almost any thought into life. You should be careful with your words having such an indicator in the matrix.

The number ‘7’ in the money channel is called ‘The Chariot.’ A person with Chariot energy will never be left without money. He is ready to make big changes, acquire new skills, and experiment. At the same time, a person moves gradually, step by step, treading the road to happiness.

He knows how to accumulate finances, and wisely invests in his own and other people’s projects. Practicality and foresight will quickly help to open a profitable business and establish a cash flow.

The number ‘21’ in the money channel is called ‘The Justice.’ The financial situation for a person is always quite stable. It symbolizes the balance of income and expenses.

A person lives within his means and knows how to hold back spendings. This approach to budgeting allows you to save money gradually and invest in promising projects, as Nixon did at the right time.

Simultaneously, the energy of this channel can constantly remind you about self-development. By following the rules and laws on an ongoing basis, you can achieve the longed-for freedom in financial affairs.

The biography of Richard Nixon shows us that behind any victory there is not only luck but also painstaking work. We often get rewarded by the Universe only after we have shown courage to deserve it. Remember that the stars, planets, and Miss Luck are always on your side. Don’t give up and follow your dreams!