Why Mike Ashley Is Lucky?

One of the incredible gambling winners is Mike Ashley, a British billionaire retail entrepreneur who broke the bank in London in 2008 and managed to win 1,6 million dollars on a single spin of a roulette wheel. Currently, he is the 61st richest person in the UK with an estimated net worth of £2.718 billion.

Impressive? Let’s find out more about his successful twist of fate! We will also run an astrology gambling analysis to understand the reason for his incredible luck.

Mike Ashley ‘was born’ to become a billionaire. At the age of 16, he left school and immediately decided to go into business. After some time, Mike opened a chain of Sport and Ski shops in London and its suburbs.

The retail chain grew extremely rapidly, and by the end of the nineties, the number of stores had reached a hundred. Among other things, the billionaire has a stake (29.4 percent) in Blacks Leisure, is the owner of Millets and Mambo, and has a certain percentage of JJB Sports, as well as JD Sports.

It should be said that Mike’s life motto is ‘Money makes money‘. His unusual winning story proves it. In 2008, he visited the most famous casino in London – Fifty. Since Ashley is a very busy person who values his time, he decided to spend no more than 15 minutes playing roulette.

Being an extraordinary person and loving attention, he wanted to do something memorable and impressive. A billionaire declared publicly that he bets money only once and on one specific number – 17! He made bets to the tune of £480,000.

In his case, Lady Luck didn’t leave him without attention: Mike Ashley won immediately. After Ashley’s money was paid, he thanked the casino workers and modestly left.

It is believed that this is the rarest case of winning. Firstly, it’s not common to guess a specific number, and it’s even riskier to put “full” at the same time.

It appears that on that day, all the stars aligned in the sky for the billionaire, and he received complete universal support.

Natal gambling chart of Mike Ashley

What exactly influenced such a successful course of events? Was he born under a lucky star or is it all a lucky accident that can happen to each of us? We can find answers to all these questions in Mike’s numerology and natal charts.

Mike’s Natal chart shows us that his Sun sign is in Virgo, and the Ascendant is in Scorpio. These astrological signs give him a lot of potential for risk-taking success.

Besides, the planets that rule his zodiac sign give the billionaire a huge potential for “easy money” and increasing his capital from a wide variety of sources.

Numerology gambling analysis of Mike Ashley

Let’s analyze his numerological potential to see more. Mike was born on September 9, 1964.

How to count the matrix?


  1. First number: add the date of birth, month and year: 9+9+1+9+6+4+ = 38
  2. Second number: add the digits of the first 3+8 = 11.
  3. Third number: multiply the first digit from the total date of birth by 2.

‘9*2=18’. Subtract the resulting figure from the first number. 38-18=20.

4. Fourth number: add the digits of the third number 2+0 = 2;

The number of destiny in this numerological matrix will play a key role. How to find this number? It is the sum of all the digits in his date of birth (9+9+1+9+6+4+ = 38 = 3+8 = 11). In our case, this is 11.

We got all of the necessary numbers for arranging them in a square.

Let’s highlight them again:

Main numbers: 9 9 1964

Additional numbers: 38 11 20 2

To fill in the matrix, we need to use each digit separately by relating them to certain sectors, using both: main and additional numbers. For example, the “Character” sector is responsible for “1”, “Health” is responsible for “4”, “Luck” is always “7”, “Energy” – is “2”, “Logic” – is “5”, “Sense of Duty” – is “8”, “Interest” – is “3”, “Work” – is “6” and “Memory” – is “9”. Each block can contain a different number of digits, but they will always be repeated, e.g “111”, “22”, “444”, “33”, “66”, “999”, and “88”.

The most important factors that ensure the influx of good luck, easy money, and victories for Mike – are Memory, Energy, Logic sectors, and Destiny Number.

Sense of Duty

Let’s start with the “Destiny number.” The number 11 indicates a certain desire for gambling and an innate ability to take risks easily. People with a similar destiny number don’t want to live a calm and measured life; they definitely need to realize this risk potential.

Therefore, it is very useful that Mike plays in the casino from time to time and invests in different businesses. He has an inner sense of when, where, and what to do to earn the biggest money. He is not afraid to lose, and consequently, the more he gives, the more fate returns him back. So, he found his formula for success.

The “Energy” sector provides Mike with a good understanding and sense of trends. He knows in advance what will be popular and where to invest money, what shares to buy, and what businesses to sell. Also, his “22” helps him to intuitively feel which game is best to choose while gambling. He just knows where success and recognition wait for him.

In addition, the secret of Mike’s “financial prosperity” lies in the combination of numbers in their middle column. If we add up the sectors of “Health”, “Logic” and “Work”, we get the total number of digits – 5. This number is responsible for the sector “Labour”.

The higher a person’s sector, the better his money management literacy. Also, this sector works like a “money magnet” and attracts various opportunities to life in order to have great well-being.

The combination of empty “Logic” and “Memory” “999” sectors gives Mike strong intuitive abilities and the power to predict events. He is always confident in his actions and intentions and he is able to calculate the steps ahead. It is worth noting that Mike is an excellent manipulator and is perfectly able to “read people,” which probably plays into his hands when he is making large deals.

Furthermore, he is perfectly capable of controlling his emotions and feelings, so no one ever knows “what’s on his mind.” A developed intuition and a clear vision are also part of his “gambling talents”.

Despite the fact that the “Luck” sector is empty in this numerological chart, we can use the potential from the “Work” sector to add some luck, which Mike successfully does when he gets interested in gambling or other risky activities.

The transition between these numbers occurs automatically based on our preferences. Anyone who has a “6” in the “Work” sector should understand that this is the potential for good luck and lucky winnings in their numerology chart.

Don’t forget that “additional numbers” play a big role in your life, because these are considered the luckiest numbers for your victory and any other favorable circumstances. According to Mike’s birth chart, his lucky numbers are – 38, 11, 20, and 2.

Reliable sources indicate that Mike is planning all of his biggest and most serious deals in relation to these numbers. He carefully chooses the date, time, and place. The main thing is that at least one of the numbers is part of this day, in which case Miss Fortune will provide twice as much support and help to avoid minor troubles and reach the greatest goals.

Matrix of Destiny analysis

Another analysis we can take into consideration is the ‘Matrix of Destiny’ which has a separate block speaking about money channels. We easily calculated it based on the date of birth.

The line of money in the Matrix of Destiny is responsible for material well-being. With its help, you can find out in which areas success awaits you. The path of money is well traced precisely according to the method of the Matrix of Destiny. It is only necessary to correctly decipher all the values.

The money channel in the Matrix of Destiny helps you figure out where the main income comes from, as well as what qualities you need to develop in order to open your financial abundance.

If we carefully look at Mike’s matrix, we will see the numbers 3 – 21 – 18 in his money channel. What does this mean?

A person with the number ‘3’ at the beginning of the money channel is prone to good money karma. It is a sign of fertility. And the task of such a person is to be well-versed in money and business. Such people are destined to become rich. They know how to delegate their authority and pay others to do the work.

Number ‘21’ in the money channel forces the person to set big financial goals. They can earn money anywhere in the world, travel and have no restrictions. A person with ‘21’ should be engaged in peacekeeping activities, uniting and reconciling people.

Having the number ‘18’ in the money channel, a person is able to embody the images and visualizations in life. It is clear that Mike has excellent intuition and a developed sixth sense, which he learned to listen to and knows how exactly to use his resources.

If you are unable to resolve financial issues, it is possible that the energies on your money line are showing up in the red. To decipher your finance channel, you need to calculate the Matrix of Destiny and pay more attention to working out your money channel so it brings you the desired high income.

If you also want to know your key to success in gambling and how to make luck “work” for you, be sure to do careful research into your zodiac and numerology charts. Your path can be simple, abundant, and lucky in every way.

Get the life you dream of and remember that each of us comes into this world with great potential to win; we just need to learn about our main advantages and use these qualities for their intended purpose.