Why Kerry Packer Is Lucky?

Kerry Packer is the most famous and greatest ‘High Roller’ in Australia. During his lifetime, Kerry made such big bets that in London only 3-4 casinos risked allowing him to the table with cards. The Australian media tycoon unemotionally wrote out millions of checks in case of a loss and took the winnings with the same face. He used to make managers nervous, but his arrival was always a pleasure.

However, how did Kerry Packer end up living such a wealthy life? Was it hard work or a simple lucky circumstance? Let’s find out!

Kerry Packer was born December 17, 1937 in Sydney. His father, Frank Packer, ontrolled the local media: Nine Network and Australian Consolidated Press. Nevertheless, there is a legend about the appearance of the family capital.

According to rumors, Kerry’s grandfather found 10 shillings at the racetrack and bet on horse racing at odds of 12. The winnings were enough to move from Hobart to Sydney and start working in the newspaper industry.

Grandpa left Frank Packer £10,000. After some time, he created the Nine Network and the Australian Consolidated Press. After his death in 1974, the media came under the control of Kerry Packer. Even then, the total inheritance was estimated at 100 million Australian dollars. With such a large amount of resources, the future media mogul made bold decisions and invested a lot in gambling.

Kerry Packer regularly visited the casino. While some high rollers were engaged in risk management and didn’t allow themselves to lose more than a certain amount, the Australian always made the maximum bet, which is why he received the nickname ‘The Prince of Whales.’ Managers often had to increase the limits of bets for him to avoid losing a precious guest. During his life, he managed to attract a lot of attention thanks to major victories and defeats:

  • In 1991, playing blackjack at a Hilton casino, Kerry Packer won $7 million in one night. He returned the following year, but luck turned against him – the Australian lost $ 10 million.
  • In 1994, Packer lost about $7 million at Crockford’s Casino.
  • In 1995, Kerry spent a vacation at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Within 40 minutes the prize money reached $25 million, he left the casino, leaving the dealers $1 million in tips.
  • In 1999, he spent about three weeks in London gambling establishments. Packer stopped betting after the loss reached 28 million Australian dollars.

Kerry Packer could demand special service from the casino, but he behaved more modestly than most other smaller high rollers. He played alone at the table and asked for good rooms for himself and his company.

Natal gambling chart of Kerry Packer

Despite all his big winnings, Kerry Packer often lost very large sums of money, but he always managed to remain a billionaire. He easily received and gave money away, which is usually not typical of such wealthy people.

Let’s find out more about his risky actions.

In Kerry’s natal chart, we immediately see the two main signs of the zodiac which determine his generosity and gambling addiction. His Sun is Sagittarius, a fire sign that loves risks and constant changes, and his Ascendant is Aquarius, an air sign that is easy to take on and let go.

In the part of the natal chart, which is responsible for the flow of finances and earnings, Kerry has the two most powerful planets, Pluto and Uranus, this is the reason for his large inheritance, business success and easy money winnings.

Numerology gambling analysis of Kerry Packer

Let’s analyze his numerological potential. Kerry was born on 17.12.1937.

How to count the matrix?


1. First number: add the date of birth, month and year 1+7+1+2+1+9+3+7 = 31.

2. Second number: add the digits of the first 3+1 = 4.

3. Third number: multiply the first digit from the total date of birth by 2.

‘1*2=2’. Subtract the resulting figure from the first number. 31-2=29.

4. Fourth number: add the digits of the third number 2+9 = 11;

We got all the necessary numbers for putting them in a square.

Let’s highlight them again:

Main numbers: 17 12 19 37

Additional numbers: 3 1 4 29 11

To fill in the matrix, we need to use each digit separately by relating them to certain sectors, using both: main and additional numbers. For example, the “Character” sector is responsible for “1”, “Health” is responsible for “4”, “Luck” is always “7”, “Energy” – is “2”, “Logic” – is “5”, “Sense of Duty” – is “8”, “Interest” – is “3”, “Work” – is “6” and “Memory” – is “9”. Each block can contain a different number of digits, but they will always be repeated, e.g “111”, “22”, “444”, “33”, “66”, “999”, and “88”.

The most important factors that ensure the influx of good luck, easy money and victories for Kerry – are the Luck, Character, and Logic sectors.

Sense of Duty

What immediately catches our eye in this matrix is sector “Luck” and “77’’in it. Miss Fortune provided Kerry with many lucky opportunities so he could experience sudden good fortune. He was the one to rely on the Universe support at any time.

But as we can see from the list of his ‘winnings and loses’, Kerry was playing with his fate so Luck turned his back on him from time to time. Sector “Luck” doesn’t guarantee success and non-stop victories unless we learn how to use it properly.

Sector “Character” contains a lot of ‘111111’ numbers, and we can describe Kerry as a strong-minded leader. Intuitively, such a person is always confident in his victory, even when circumstances go against him. This probably helped Kerry to make big deals throughout his life, but also brought losses due to his overconfidence and lack of a real picture of the situation.

The “Logic” sector is empty. This indicator provides a person with the courage to take risks and not be afraid to make a mistake. Also, the owners of an empty sector often have an inner instinct and strong intuition, which undoubtedly helps throughout life and in gambling. Such a person unconsciously understands ‘what to do’ and ‘when to play’ to hit the jackpot.

Let’s look at the hidden sector “Labour”. The combination of numbers in the middle column from sectors “Health”, “Logic” and “Work.” Kerry’s “Labour” sector has the number ‘1’ which is considered to be pretty low. This was the reason why Kerry played a lot in the casino and easily gave away large sums of money. He never understood their true value. In combination with the sector of luck and two strong ‘77’, we can say that Kerry used to be a venturesome person.

He liked to play for high stakes, betting 100-150 thousand dollars. Kerry was the type of player who in case of hitting the jackpot, immediately got up from the table, but if he lost, he would till the last moment trying to recoup.

Matrix of Destiny analysis

Another analysis we can calculate with help of the birth date – is the ‘Matrix of Destiny. It has a special block that describes the money channel.

The money line of the Matrix of Destiny is responsible for material well-being. With its help, you will find areas where you can expect the most success. The path of money is well traced precisely according to the method of the Matrix of Destiny. It is only necessary to correctly decipher all the values.

The money channels in Matrix of Destiny will help you find out where your main income comes from and what qualities you need to develop to unlock your wealth potential.

Let’s have a look at Kerry Packer’s chart and reveal his secret of abundant life. The main numbers in his money channel are 10 – 14 – 4.

The number ‘10’ at the beginning of the money channel is called ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ This is a very good indicator of a rich life, and especially for winning in any betting and gambling. The energy of flow and good luck is literally ‘chasing’ this person.

Money will come easily and regularly in large amounts only on the condition that the owner of this indicator will do what he loves. Kerry successfully activated this potential, turning luck on his side and becoming a media tycoon. But let’s not forget that the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ is also a strong indicator of gambling addiction.

Number ‘14’ in the money channel is called ‘Temperance.’ These people understand the world through their intuition. They know how to make money easily and calmly. With this indicator, it is worth saying that a person will never be left without support, because the Universe has provided him with a safe and endless stream of opportunities.

If you act out of good intentions, your life will always be abundant and rich. The main thing is to remember to be patient and not rush things. Everything happens at the right time and place.

The number ‘4’ in the money channel is called ‘The Emperor.’ In this case, this energy is responsible for the profession that a person should choose to achieve certain financial heights. Business, politics, ministries, managers, lawyers and police officers. All professions where there should be order and control. Kerry found himself in the right one and activated his monetary energies with ease.

If each of us can delve into the knowledge of astrology and numerology, we will easily find the right path to success and rich life! Be brave and play with fate! The biography of Kerry Packer proves to us that the Universe will always reward you for any effort you make.