Why Don Johnson Is Lucky

A professional blackjack player Don Johnson won $15.1 million in 6 months. He was forever remembered in Atlantic City as one of the most successful high rollers. By modernizing the card counting strategy, he actually “robbed” the casino. Afterward, many gambling establishments added the player to the blacklist.

Let’s find out more about this intriguing casino robbery story!

Don Johnson grew up in Salem, Oregon. Being a little boy, he dreamed of becoming a jockey. But fate turned out to be unfavorable to the young man. His height began to increase rapidly. By adulthood, he was 185 cm. With such physical parameters, he couldn’t compete on an equal footing with other jockeys, whose height ranged from 147 cm to 168 cm.

He had to give up his dream, but Johnson didn’t want to leave the racetrack. Instead, he took a job on the track, where he had previously learned to ride. These were his first steps into the world of betting.

In 2010, Don Johnson intended to use the industry’s precarious position to gain an advantage in gambling. It was enough for others to offer exclusive conditions for a junket tour, then our hero was worried about dry numbers.

Tony Rodio, CEO of Tropicana, called Johnson’s approach a “cheap date.” Instead of a free hotel room and a plane ticket, the high roller put forward special conditions like cashback of 20% and a maximum bet is $100,000.

The established rules made it possible to reduce the house edge to 0.26%. Under such conditions, the chances of winning turned out to be equal. Later, experts will express the opinion that thanks to the conditions for cashback, Johnson splurged in front of casino managers. He was trying to show that he could lose a lot of money, but in fact, he was going to empty their cash registers.

Three casinos agreed to the unusual conditions put forward by Don Johnson: Tropicana, Borgata, and Caesars. High roller bet blackjack for 6 months. During this time, the total amount of winnings amounted to $15.1 million.

When Don’s winnings reached $6 million at Tropicana, the manager canceled the terms of the deal. Borgata and Caesars did the same, paying $5 million and $4 million each. However, the latter casino refused to serve Johnson.

According to rumors, a couple of months later, Don returned to Tropicana on the same terms, but without cashback – then he won $ 2.1 million. After this incident, Atlantic City began to carefully explore the high rollers who were offered discounts not to end up broke. Don Johnson commented the following:

“I think for the first time in 30 years, a casino group has experience a massive failure due to a single player. The stars aligned a perfect way and, it was decided it had to be one guy.”

Natal gambling chart of Don Johnson

Don Johnson has very interesting indicators in the natal chart regarding wealth and luck. His Sun – is Taurus and his Ascendant – is Leo. In this situation, we notice combinations of two completely different signs. The sign of fire – Leo pushes our hero to take risks and attracts gambling events into his life.

On the other hand, the earth sign – Taurus helps him to preserve and increase his riches. This sign loves wealth more than others. It would hate to share or give up on a luxury life. This is an indicator of his strong motivation to increase his income in a quick and easy way.

Moreover, Uranus in aspect to Neptune in his zodiac chart that denotes some kind of unexpected wealth. Combinations of these aspects are often found among lottery winners and gambling players. Therefore, numerous victories and easy money are the merit of luck. The planets guide Don and show him the most promising development paths.

Numerology gambling analysis of Don Johnson

For a more detailed explanation, let’s analyze his numerological potential. Don Johnson was born on 10.05.1962.

How to count the matrix?


First number: add the date of birth, month and year 1+5+1+9+6+2 = 24.

Second number: add the digits of the first 2+4 = 6.

Third number: multiply the first digit from the total date of birth by 2.

‘1*2=2’. Subtract the resulting figure from the first number. 24-2 = 22.

Fourth number: add the digits of the third number 2+2 = 4;

We got all the necessary numbers for putting them in a square.

Let’s highlight them again:

  • Main numbers: 1 5 1962
  • Additional numbers: 24 6 22 4

The number of destiny in this numerological matrix will also play an important role. How to find this number? It is the sum of all the digits in his date of birth (1+5+1+9+6+2 = 24 = 2+4 = 6). In our case, this is 6.

To fill in the matrix, we need to use each digit separately by relating them to certain sectors, using both: main and additional numbers. For example, the “Character” sector is responsible for “1”, “Health” is responsible for “4”, “Luck” is always “7”, “Energy” – is “2”, “Logic” – is “5”, “Sense of Duty” – is “8”, “Interest” – is “3”, “Work” – is “6” and “Memory” – is “9”. Each block can contain a different number of digits, but they will constantly be repeated, e.g “111”, “22”, “444”, “33”, “66”, “999”, and “88”.

The most important factors that ensure the influx of good luck, easy money and victories for Don – are the Work, Labor, Energy and Logic sectors.

Sense of Duty

Let’s take a look at the number of destiny first, as it has a major impact on Don’s life and his success. His number of destiny is ‘6.’ This one is naturally a lucky number. People with this indicator try to live life to the fullest: a lot of money, comfort and pleasant adventures are necessary components of their lifestyle. They are often self-centered.

For Don, this is the best environment for his implementation. That’s the reason why gambling success came to him so quickly. He initially chose the right path in life and stuck to it.

Another important indicator in his matrix is ​​”Energy” – “2222.” Such a strong surplus of energy gives powerful foresight abilities, enhanced intuition, as well as incredibly fast reactions, and a sense of time. Don is always a few steps ahead. He is difficult to beat or fool.

In combination with a filled sector of “Logic” – “5”, Don has an analytical mind, natural cunning, and the ability to manipulate. Such a person strives to rationally plan, analyze, and see the benefit in everything. The owner of strong logic can achieve the desired result on the first try, to notice many details and facts, including those invisible to others. As a rule, ‘strong logic’ trusts only himself.

The hidden sector “Labour” shows us the attitude toward money. The combination of numbers in the middle column from sectors “Health“, “Logic” and “Work“. Don’s “Labour” sector has the number ‘5’ which means that it gives a powerful potential for wealth.

Such people will never miss profitable opportunities. A person who has a high number in this sector can ‘attract money with his presence.’ Don is literally ‘a money magnet’, so it’s no surprise that he manages to multiply his income, invest properly and live in comfort.

Don Johnson Matrix of Destiny analysis

Another analysis we can calculate with the help of the birth date – is the ‘Matrix of Destiny’. It has a special block that describes the money channel.

The money line of the Matrix of Destiny is responsible for material well-being. With its help, you will find areas where you can expect the most success. The path of money is well traced precisely according to the method of the Matrix of Destiny. It is only necessary to correctly decipher all the values.

The money channels in Matrix of Destiny will help you find out where your main income comes from and what qualities you need to develop to unlock your wealth potential.

Let’s have a look at Don Johnson’s chart and reveal his secret of abundant life. The main numbers in his money channel are 3 – 6 – 21.

Don Johnson Matrix of Destiny analysis

The number ‘3’ at the beginning of the money channel is called ‘The Empress.’ The energy of this channel represents fertility and financial stability. A person with these indicators is doomed to get high income and prosperity.

The karmic task of such a person is to realize the creation of the so-called “empire”, whether it is his own business or just the position of a manager somewhere else.

The number ‘6’ in the money channel is called ‘The Lovers.’ This energy describes the duality of a person. Its main task is to learn how to balance spending and earning and to manage finances wisely.

‘Don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new’ – is the motto of this channel. People with these indicators understand the world through intuition, combining this with their analytical abilities. The main secret of their success is an integrated approach.

The number ‘21’ in the money channel is called ‘The World.’ This energy can be described in one single sentence – ‘this is a favorable outcome and accomplishment of everything that a person has striven for throughout a life.’ Also, this energy is responsible for enjoying the fruits of the labor.

It is located at the end of the money channel; therefore, it implies the enjoyment of all the benefits earned. We can see that Don often threw loud parties and easily spent a lot of money after his winnings.

Don’s experience demonstrates to us that fortune is as well important as our capacity to make the best use of our inherent talents. The main thing to remember is that there are no chosen people in the world and everyone is equally capable of reaching heights.

Miss Luck can treat us very well and regularly provide us with benefits if we follow our desires and actually listen to the inner voice. Keep going for your goals and reach new heights!