Wheel of Fortune Card Meaning

Wheel of Fortune card in luck

The tarot card of the Wheel of Fortune is a representation of life’s cycles and the capriciousness of fortune. It suggests that there are external factors that are beyond our control that can impact the result of our actions.

The card signals a significant turning point in one’s fortune, either positive or negative, emphasizing the inevitability of life’s ebbs and flows. The Wheel of Fortune encourages individuals to stay open-minded and adaptable to the unpredictability of life’s journey.

Wheel of Fortune card in gambling

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card is a powerful symbol of luck in gambling. It underscores the fact that luck is often a major factor in the outcome of games, and that it can be both unpredictable and capricious. This card encourages gamblers to take risks and follow their instincts but also cautions against becoming too complacent or overconfident in one’s luck.

Ultimately, the Wheel of Fortune emphasizes that luck is a dynamic force that can lead to either success or failure and that gamblers must be prepared to adapt to unexpected outcomes.

Wheel of Fortune tarot card 6 key points

Ups and downsUnexpected events
Turning pointsOpportunities